• LOCAL ITEMS. Ten soldiers of the 5th regiment came to the Northwest gate a few nights ago and found the gate closed. They demanded the policeman on duty to open the gate for them, but the police did not comply on the ground that there was no order from Headquarters to that effect. The soldiers climbed over the wall and came inside the gate where they beat the policeman in the most outrageous manner. The policeman is reported to be between a critical point of life and death on account of the injuries he received front the hands of the rowdy soldiers. The trial of the suspected conspirators, twelve in number, was commenced yesterday morning at the Supreme Court. Dr. and Mrs. Underwood have returned from their trip to Whanghai province. The Doctor says the country is quiet and every thing moving on in normal condition. The Baptist Mission has two new lady workers added to the station here. Yesterday afternoon the members of the Seoul Union were again entertained by the Ladies´ Tennis Club at the reading rooms of the Union. The feature of the entertainment was the second conversation on the "Structure of English Verse," by Hon. J. M. B. Sill. The memhers were delighted with the instructive conversation. Messrs. Pauling and Steadman have gone to the interior on evangelistic work. Dr. H. N. Allen, Bev. H. G. Appenzeller and Dr. P. Jaisohn went to the Foreign Cemetery in Yangwhachin last Thursday with a horticulturist to look round the place for the purpose of making improvements in the way of planting evergreen hedges, trees, and making proper walks in and about the grounds. The Japanese guards stationed in Chinkokai will celebrate the anniversary of the acceptance of the regimental color this afternoon in the Japanese town. A large number of invitations have been issued to the officers of the Korean army and several other foreign military officers. Messrs. Colbran, Hunt, Bailey and Wiley of the American Mining Company are expected to arrive here to day from the North. Ministers Min Yungwhan and Sim Sanghun have returned to the city from their trip to the site for the new royal grave. Rov. W. D. Reynolds, Rev. Eugene Bell and Rev. W. B. Junkin have returned from their Southern trip. Dr. Drew of Kunsan is expected to return to the city in a few days. It is reported that the real estate holders of Chemulpo were rather disappointed with the decision of the Engineer and the Korean authority in regard to the site of stations and the way through which the railroad will enter the town. They fully expected that it will enter the settlement on the West end traversing the lands which are owned by them, but it turned out that it will come in through the East end of the town, and the station will be built on the foreshore, now a sand bar when the tide falls. It seems to us an excellent site that they have decided upon, as it is so near to the Customs and hence will be very convenient for business men of the port Another advantage will be that it will improve the appearance of the foreshore when it is made to build the railroad along the line with the build. Dr. Robinson, Dentist, leaves Shanghai by Sendai Maru direct and expects to reach Chemulpo on Christmas day (xsd:string)
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  • Ten soldiers of the 5th regiment came to the Northwest gate a few nights ago and found the gate closed (xsd:string)
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  • Ten soldiers of the 5th regiment came to the Northwest gate a few nights ago and found the gate closed (xsd:string)