• LOCAL ITEMS. It is reported that the Government intends to send thirty students to Russia for the purpose of studying various sciences and arts. The Ladies´ Lawn Tennis Club began this Winter´s weekly entertainments yesterday at the reading room of the Seoul Union. The tea was served by Mrs. J. N. Jordan, and Hon. J. M. B. Sill gave the first of three Conversations on "The Structure of English Verse," illustrated by examples from English and American poets. There was a large gathering of the members, who enjoyed the entertainment extremely. It was evident that Mr. Sill has poetical sentiment in his nature, and the whole conversation evinced his profound knowledge of the English and American poets. The President of the Club is Mrs. Graham and the Secretary is Mrs. Bunker. The representative of the Independent had the pleasure of witnessing the morning drill of the new Royal Body Guards now trained by two Russian officers and ten noncommissioned officers under supervision of Colonel D. Poutiata of the General Staff of the Russian Army. The new regiment is composed of 800 men who were picked from the different regiments after a thorough physical examination by Dr. Chervinsky of the Russian Army. They are drilled every day from 9 to 12 o´clock in the morning, and 2 to 5 in the afternoon at the 4th and 5th regiment barracks. They carry the Berdan rifles and the commands are given in Russian. It is really remarkable that the men understand the Russian commands so readily having been instructed for so short a time under the foreign teachers. The thirty cadets who were drilled by Lieut. Hmeloff of the Russian Navy are now under the instrnetion of Lieut. Afanaseiff. They come to the barracks every morning from the Cadet School behind the Russian Legation and receive their instructions at the barracks. They are trained in gymnastics as well as drills under the immediate supervision of one of the Russian officers. During the march back and forth from the school to the barracks the cadets carry a national color headed by a band of buglers and drumers presenting altogether a very military-like appearance. We hope the new regiment and the cadets learn not only the outward forms but absorb the true espirit de corps. The number of prisoners in the city jail are 211 in which number 115 are imprisoned with hard labor, and 46 are simple prisoners. A countryman named Chang went to the Palace of H. R. H. Taiwonkun and delivered a letter to him saying that it was from a leader of the "righteous army." The contents of the epistle are said to be a scheme proposed by the rebel chief to Taiwonkun that if His Royal Highness should give the chief a moral support he will bring up his followers to Seoul and drive out the Japanese and Europeans from the country. H. R. H. Taiwonkun turned over the letter and the messenger to the Police Dept for investigation. Han Inhak of Seoul requested the Governor of Seoul to give him permit to plant trees on the hills near Independence Park. The Governor give him the necessary permit (xsd:string)
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  • It is reported that the Government intends to send thirty students to Russia for the purpose of studying (xsd:string)