• EDITORIAL. "Music bath charms"-sometimes. At other times it has something else. In Korea it is uniformly something else. But let that pass. What is the matter With having a military and in the Capital of Korea? It might be necessary to have an underground room some-where for them to pratice in, but in time it would all come out right. The Korean people are naturally musical. They fulfill half at least of Shakespeare´s requirements-that is, they have "music in the soul," but whether they are "moved by concord of sweet sounds" is problematical. Denizens of Chong Dong have the evidence of their own ears that Korean coolies, at least, have a sense of rythm. In the Christian chapels too, you find a man now and then who can tell the difference between Boylston and Stockbridge. Would it not be a good thing for the Government to select a score of young fellows not so far removed from childhood as to have entirely forgotten the echo of the music of the-spheres, and set them to work end train them so that we could have a military band? Every body knows that playing a cornet requires "a stiff upper-lip" and this would be one way of aiding in the acquirement of that very useful labial appendage. But, seriously, such a plan could be carried out with great success by the outlay of a comparatively small sum of money, under competent leadership. It would be Something in the right direction if a good drum corps only could be inaugurated, with a score or more of good snare drums. In time the fifes can be added and as the performers warn up to their work the instruments of a regular band can be introduced and we will have at length a proper band. There is an influence exerted by martial music that can be exerted in no other way. There is something in the simultaneous roll of a dozen drums that starts the blood and makes a man comparatively willing to walk into battle. We say this from heresay; not from experience and cannot vouch for its truth. It is probable that the origin of martial music was the effort to drown the cries of the wounded and so keep up the spirits of the remaining soldiers. Even if so it was a good thing. But it has come to mean more than that to the soldier; it is the outward sign of an esprit de corps which eliminates the individual and welds the regiment or company into one integral mass. This also we take on heresay. We do not advocate this as a crying need of the present day, but as being one of many of those superficial amenties and adjuncts of civilization which go to make life less monotonous. We do not mean to say that life in Korea is monotonous, especially political life in Seoul; far from it. We often exclain with the poet who was it? "Oh, for a lodge in some vast wilderness, some contiguity of shade, where rumors of royal grave keepers and reading secretaries might never reach me more." But we must have a band sooner or later. The new Independence Park would become a popular place of resort if, two or three afternoons of the week, a good band could discourse some choice music there. If the government does not want to do it, let the subscription paper pass around once more; but do not let the band begin practice till the money has all been collected. Verbum sap (xsd:string)
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  • "Music bath charms"-sometimes. At other times it has something else. In Korea it (xsd:string)
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  • "Music bath charms"-sometimes. At other times it has something else. In Korea it (xsd:string)