• EDITORIAL. It is not improbable that the cholera may visit the city of Seoul again this summer. To be sure the severe epedmic of cholera in 1886 was not followed by another in 1887, but of course the inherent, probability was greater than if there had been none the preceding year. A few sporadic cases have made their appearance, which, though not cholera proper, perhaps, show marked similarity to that dreaded disease. If anything is to be done to fight it this year, a beginning must be made immediately, if indeed it is not already too late. It is such a simple thing to say, "keep the sewers open and clean, prevent the accumulation of garbage, look out for contamination of wells, make people drink boiled water and stop their washing vegetables in the gutters," but the carrying out of these simple directions means a revolution in Korean methods of life and in their time-honored customs. If my father washed his cabbage in this ditch, it is good enough for me to wash mine in. The Koreans have a proverb which says; "In trying to take a short cut across lots he fell in with thieves", which means that the man who goes around by the old time-honored road will do better than the one who tries some new-fangled method. There is a ponderous inertia in these Eastern peoples, and a stolid indifference to the channels through which discase is contracted, however much they dread the disease itself. It amounts almost to fatalism. A few object lessons on Korean well water through a compound microscope would open their eyes. It is of no avail to talk about what might be under different circumstances, but we must ask the question, what can now be done, taking all obstacles into consideration, to prevent the coming of cholera or to check its spread if it does come. In the first place a sum cif money must be appropriated, commensurate with the work to be done. It must be put in the bands of some man who will dispense it judiciously and honestly. The government should set all the city convicts at work cleaning up the streets. The police should watch the wells and see that refuse is not allowed to lie around them. If possible it would be an excellent plan to have each of the main wells put in charge of a competent man and have him see to it that only proper vessel are used in drawing the water; or better still, a man should be stationed at each well, whose business it should be to draw water for all miners, but money must be forthcoming to pay them. This would take a compar-atively small sum and would be one of the very best preventatives, for there is probably nothing that tends to spread disease more than this promiscuous use of wells, each person using his own utensils for drawing the water. Besides this, the bringing into the city of green fruit such as apricots, melons, peaches and the the like should be prohibited. It would entail some hardship on the people, but better that than a summer like the last. We look for something to be done immediately by those in authority and upon them will the blame fall if the epidemic comes and finds the city wholly unprepared (xsd:string)
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  • It is not improbable that the cholera may visit the city of Seoul again this summer (xsd:string)
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  • It is not improbable that the cholera may visit the city of Seoul again this summer (xsd:string)