• Today human needs for health promotion and maintenance are increasing. The nursing profession has a great responsibility to develop the knowledge for helping clients to practice good health behavior under self-control. But there are few studies about the concept of self-control, or the operational definition of self-control. The purpose of this study was to analyze and clarify the meaning of the concept of self-control. This study used Walker and Avant's process of concept analysis. Antecedents of self control consist of 1) perception of the conflict situation to change his or her behavior ; 2) perception of self as the causes of the barrier for a certain behavior ; 3) internal standard or belief such as self-efficacy and learned resourcefulness ; 4) internal motivation for change of behavior. Critical attributes of self-control were : 1) goal-orientation ; 2) self-decision ; 3) time sequence ; 4) effort ; 5) possibility of being learned ; 6) individuality ; 7) social desirability. Consequences occurring as a results of self-control consist of 1) achievement of the controlled behavior whose purposes were planned ; 2) enhancement of the internal standard such as self-efficacy and learned resourcefulness ; 3) eventual elevation of physical and emotional wellness. Therefore, this concept is defined as a cognitive behavior which is attempted by his or her decision when one is confronted with the conflict situation, which is characterized by being changed by time, learned by effort and individual characteristics. One is taking such behavior with the perception of self as the causative barrier for a certain behavior, planning a specific objective for a certain behavior which demands self sacrifice, supplies the internal reward, is socially desirable with the internal standard of self-efficacy and learned resourcefulness and environmental factors. (rdf:langString) (en)
  • 구미옥, 경상대 간호학과 (xsd:string)
  • 김성재, 청주과학대학 (xsd:string)
  • 김인자, 대전대 간호학과 (xsd:string)
  • 박송자, 서울보건대학 (xsd:string)
  • 박영임, 대전대 간호학과 (xsd:string)
  • 서순림, 경북대 간호학과 (xsd:string)
  • 송경자, 서울보라매 병원 간호부 (xsd:string)
  • 양영희, 단국대 간호학과 (xsd:string)
  • 은영, 경상대 간호학과 (xsd:string)
  • 이경숙, 원주대학 (xsd:string)
  • 이동숙, 서울대 대학원 박사과정 (xsd:string)
  • 이은남, 동아대 간호학과 (xsd:string)
  • 이은옥, 서울대 간호대학 (xsd:string)
  • 이인숙, 서울대 간호학과 (xsd:string)
  • 최은옥, 인제대 간호학과 (xsd:string)
  • 512.805 (xsd:string)
  • 구미옥 (xsd:string)
  • 김성재 (xsd:string)
  • 김인자 (xsd:string)
  • 박송자 (xsd:string)
  • 박영임 (xsd:string)
  • 서순림 (xsd:string)
  • 송경자 (xsd:string)
  • 양영희 (xsd:string)
  • 은영 (xsd:string)
  • 이경숙 (xsd:string)
  • 이동숙 (xsd:string)
  • 이은남 (xsd:string)
  • 이은옥 (xsd:string)
  • 이인숙 (xsd:string)
  • 최은옥 (xsd:string)
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