• In order to investigate the performance of an automatic liquid feeder for suckling piglets that was developed recently by NLRI(National Livestock Research Institute) in Korea and the effect of its use for weaning piglets at very early age(14days of age), a feeding trial was conducted with 60 suckling piglets. The control piglets were raised by their own sows until 21d, while others were shifted to liquid feeding at 14d, for one week, then all the piglets were fed the same mash diet until 70days of age. An automatic liquid feeder imported from USA that was used by swine farmers was used for a comparative purpose. The growth rate and feed utilization, diarrhea of piglets, and the development of digestive tracts were studied. Results obtained are as follows. The 21st day body weights of piglets weaned at 14d, and fed liquid diet were significantly lower(P<.05) than those of the control piglets weaned at 21d,(7.10 vs 5.85 & 5.99 ㎏/head), but they grew fast and their weights exceeded those of the control piglets at 70days of age (26.42 vs. 28.88 & 27.76 ㎏/head). Consequently, their weight gain during the period of feeding mash diet were significantly higher(P<.05) than those of the control piglets(19.31 vs 23.38 & 22.37 ㎏/head). There were no remarkable differences, in feed conversion ratio(1.98 vs 2.00 & 2.03). Liquid feeding showed no difference in the incidence of piglet diarrhea from each automatic liquid feeder. However, liquid feeding showed much low jejunal villi height at the 3rd day of feeding mash diet, though they were recovered at the 7th day. There was no difference in all the performance between the automatic liquid feeder developed by NLRI in Korea and the Commercial. Based on results of this study, it can be concluded that the automatic liquid feeder developed at NLRI in Korea performed successfully and can be used for weaning of piglets at very early age (14days old). It also can be said that weaning piglets at very early age would be stimulated piglet growth afterwards. (rdf:langString) (en)
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