• Soybean sprouts have been used as a food in the Orient since ancient times. In this study, 92 restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) loci and two morphological markers (W1 and T) were used to identify quantitative trait loci (QTL) associated with soybean sprout-related traits in 100 F₂-derived lines from the cross of 'Pureunkong' x 'Jinpumkong 2'. The genetic map consisted of 76 loci which covered about 756 cM and converged into 20 linkage groups. Eighteen markers remained unlinked. Phenotypic data were collected for hypocotyl length, seeds produced in abnormal seedlings, and sprout yield 6 days after germination at 20℃ on 1996 and 1997. Four QTLs were associated with sprout yield in the combined analysis across two years. For the QTL linked to L154 on linkage group (LG) the positive allele was derived from Pureunkong (R²=0.19), whereas at the other three QTL (A089 on LG B1, A668n on LG K, and B046 on LG L) the positive alleles were from Jinpumkong 2. QTL conditioning seed weight were linked to markers A802n (LG B1), A069 (LG E), Cr321 (LG F), and A235 (LG G). At these four markers, the Jinpumkong allele increased seed weight. Markers K011n on LG B1, W1 on LG F, and A757 on LG L were linked to QTL conditioning hypocotyl length, and Bng119, K455n, and K418n to QTL conditioning the abnormal seedlings. The QTL conditioning sprout yield were in the same genomic locations as QTL for seed weight identified in this population or from previously published research, indicating that QTL for sprout yield are genetically linked to seed weight QTL or that seed weight QTL pleiotrophically condition sprout yield. These data demonstrate effective marker-assisted selection may be feasible for enhancing sprout yield in a soybean. (rdf:langString) (en)
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